React Tutorial A Step-by-Step Guide(1)

What is React?

Why do you need React?

Technical aspects of the React

  • Header
  • SideNav
  • Main Content
  • Footer

What is a Component?

React is Declarative

What are the prerequisites to get started with React?

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals are necessary.
  • Knowledge more than JavaScript is also needed.
  • The basic idea of this, filter, map, reduce keywords, and methods.
  • let and const declarations, arrow functions, template literals, default parameters, object literals, rest and spread operators, and destructuring assignments.
  • Fundamentals of React.
  • React and HTTP.
  • Routing with React.
  • State management with Redux.
  • Utilities and Libraries in React.

Fundamentals of React

Setting up the development environment

  • Node installed
  • Text Editor (IDE)

Create React App

npx create-react-app my-app
cd my-app
npm start
Default react Application homepage
  • Using npx method — NPX is an npm package runner which gets installed when you install Node. That is how we are able to run Create React App without having to install it.
npx create-react-app<project_name>
  • Using npm — Here we are going to install Create React App package globally and then use the package to generate the projects.
npm install create-react-app -g 



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