Introduction to Redis

What is Redis?

  • It's a NoSQL database. This means that unlike MySQL and Oracle databases it does not have structures like tables/rows/columns/functions and procedures. And it does not use statements like SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and UPDATE.
  • Redis uses data structures to store data. Primary data structures like String, Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets, and Hashes. Extra data structures like Bitmaps, HyperLogLogs, Geospatial Indexes.
  • Interaction with data is command based. If you want the full list of commands:
  • It’s an in-memory database with persistence options. This means that Redis keeps the data in the memory(cache) and does not write to the disk then it makes it very very fast. However, Redis has an option to write the data to the Disk.

Why we use Redis?

  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Language Support
  • Compatibility
  • Durability
  • Scaling

Performance and the Speed

Simple and Flexible


Multi-Language and Platform Support



Some other features

Who uses Redis?



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Kasun Dissanayake

Kasun Dissanayake


Software Engineer at IFS R & D International (Pvt) Ltd || Former Software Engineer at Pearson Lanka || Former Associate Software Engineer at hSenid Mobile